[Vol.1] I'm Kita, Duran

I'm Kita, Duran
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An amicable and foreign-looking Japanese boy. Duran Kita faces a wacky first day at his new senior high school, Hotaka High when a science class experiment goes wrong to affect the entire student body. Enter the funniest mishap where love becomes an open sport.

Fake love dies down, but Duran's troubles continue. He's faced with a school board that is intent on denying his request for a school music club. The difficult task he undertakes for the cause places him in the spotlight.

Then there's his dilemma involving Saski, the hot Student Council guy. Dealing with ghosts of an old classroom. Tentatively handling AKB48 clone groupies. Standing up to bullies and fighting for what is right! Phew! Too much work for this skinny runt of a guy. It doesn't help that he's still dealing with past trauma. Regardless, he's determined to be a strength for others and with a music club. 

 This is the first book of the Original Music Makes series.

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Readers' review snippets
"I loved all the characters. They are all unique and as a collective, they make this book very interesting to read. I can safely say that all of them are my favorite characters." - Online Bookclub Forums

"Any fan of Shojo and Shonen Ai manga will be able to spy many of those elements in I'm Kita Duran by Veronica Purcell. It's filled with crazy baka moments interspersed with tender backstories and fun characters." - Readers Favorite

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