Previously in I'm Kita, Duran

Duran Kita happily began a new senior high school life with his stepsister, Himeko, at Hotaka High School. A school renowned for breeding Japan's future salarymen and women.

However, he managed to piss off the principal and student council when he placed his application for the formation of a school music club. 

The club was officially formed after some trial and error.  Especially, when Duran and his club friends had helped convince two bullied seniors to return to school when they had ensured the school would support their return.

Other students began to take interest in Duran and his music club. A few AKB48 clones became groupies for the club as a result. 

All was going well with the establishment. And Duran was gifted with a golden opportunity to experience a music festival event with his friends.

At the festival, the hot student council guy, Saski, declared his love for Duran. The two began dating. 

However, happiness is a fleeting thing. Duran is about to taste the consequences of going against the status quo.

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