Original Music Makes: Hotaka Music Club

WARNING! A fuzzy, feel-good YA fiction revolving around a quirky and amicable gay guy named Duran. A music genius who's determined to run a music club with his friends, in a stuffy high school that never had one.

Fresh into the school. He managed to piss off the principal by winning his challenge to form the high school's first music club. But his problems were far from over.

Thanks to his hot-headed sister, he and his club friends were given another mammoth challenge from their principal.  Each key member not only has to perform in the renowned Kanto Regional Music Talent Discovery Awards; a grueling 3-month elimination contest, but place within the Top 20 of their chosen category.

The school has a hefty sponsorship riding on the club member's success. And the worst outcome is if Duran and his friends fail, Himeko and himself will be expelled from the school. 

Old flames and stalkers re-enter his life to stir up situations and place a troublesome cherry on top of his already high piles of troubles. And, yeah, being full-on gay, there's that chestnut to handle.

Duran is faced with near-impossible feats, but he has to fight to win them for his sister's and the music club's future.

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