After the Festival in the Rain (Pt.2)

Duran was a hair's breadth away from slamming into Osamu Mikumo's lanky frame upon entering.

Osamu was an ordinary glass-wearing boy with clean-cut hair and average Japanese features. That's not to say he wasn't good-looking. He basically didn't stand out. Duran felt mildly jealous at the guy's ability to blend in with the crowd.

'Morning Kita,' Osamu said jovially and followed Duran to his desk.

'Hey, Mikumo-kun. See you recovered alright from last Saturday.'

Osamu pulled up a chair before his desk and started recapping on his festival experience.

'Man, that was an awesome time. Jiro-san's band rocks! Okada even got to see her dream boy band live on stage. I'm still shocked to hear she's an Elicit fan.' He chuckled as he pushed up his square-framed glasses to the flat bridge of his nose.

'Morning Tsubaki-kun.' Duran heard one of their classmates say when Saski Tsubaki entered the room.

His heart fired up with a made bout of doki-doki's upon seeing the young man's princely image. His eyes traced the outlines of Saski's firm stance; bag flung, coolly, over one shoulder so his red Student Council armband was stretched across the bulge of his bicep. A warm expression animated Saski's doll-like eyes as he exchanged small talk with the classmate.

Duran lowered his face to hide his blushes before others could notice. He slowly exhaled a few breaths to reclaim his composure.

'Okada man. She really rocked out. I didn't think she had that wild side to her.' Osamu continued his conversation, oblivious of Duran's swooning.

'Yeah. She did loosen up a bit. I guess even that girl needs to let her hair down now and then,' Duran said when he was able to re-engage with the conversation.

He chuckled at the memory of his bossy-boots friend dancing, wildly, in the rain; fine strands of brown hair delicately plastered around her dainty features, which made her femininity more obvious. He was impressed that Mei Okada was able to retain an image of a delicate princess among a crowd dowsed in hot sweat and grunge.

Saski's approach to their desks broke through Duran's train of thought.

Screaming, yelling, and the sounds of furniture being knocked over from the class next door disrupted their chatter. Duran felt a horrible feeling as he recalled the nasty look his sister had received earlier.

He hurried out of the room and went to see what was going on in his sister's homeroom. He saw her fighting with a classmate.

'Himeko!' he yelled and pushed his way into her class to pull her off the other girl. Kou was next to him, attempting to do the same.

Himeko was fighting with all her might. Her lithe legs and arms were clamped around the other girl with manful force.

'Cry uncle bitch!' Himeko spat at the girl who was hurting beneath her.

Despite Kou's tall and staunch build; he still needed Duran's help to pry the girls apart.

'Sis! What the hell you're doing?' Duran panted.

He glanced around the room and saw Mei in the corner with a distressed expression on her face. She was being comforted by Aki, whose dark round eyes were wide with an expression of horror. A couple of desks and chairs were knocked down toward the room's center, with papers and textbooks strewn around them.

The rest of Class 1-B was clustered around the edges of the room with nervous, distasteful expressions and feisty whispering directed at Aki and Mei.

Their homeroom teacher, Harada-sensei, bellowed out demands upon his arrival. He called Himeko and the other girl out of the room; leaving Kou to bring the order back to the class as the class president's duty.

'Hayashi-kun, this is not like Himeko, you know that!' Duran pleaded.

Kou assumed a moment to recompose his stoic image; smoothing back strands of his raven hair from his sober face, realigning his pill-free blazer to his body, and refitting the red Student Council armband to his firm bicep. He faced Duran with a business-as-usual expression.

'Not here Kita-kun. Let's talk in the music clubroom at lunchtime,' he whispered.

Duran nodded his head and made his way back to his homeroom. The school bell rang as he assumed his seat and readied himself for the first lesson of the day.  

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