After the Festival in the Rain (Pt.1)

Duran woke to a fresh Monday morning, still feeling the hype of the music festival that he and his friends had attended over the weekend.

The Hotaka Music Club's first excursion had panned out to be a very good time. His festival memories refocused on the kiss he had with Saski among the thrill of sound and a vibrating atmosphere.

‘Warm’, a husky whisper, escaped his mouth.

He tenderly fingered the places where Saski's lips had touched his. His groin twitched as he imagined those lips touching other parts of his body—

A fierce beeping snapped him out of his fantasy.

He banged on the button of his alarm clock and turned over in bed; facing his guitar, which was propped up on its stand near his school bag hanging on his door.

‘Hmph,’ he chuckled as he thought back to his principal's challenge and his performance that surprised the entire student body.

Who would've thought that he would pull off the impossible and claim a music club in a school whose traditions were dead set against it? It seemed too easy.

He rose and prepared for another school day. A frown creased his forehead when he straightened his matted navy tie at the center of his collar.

Had it been just four months since his transfer into Hotaka High School?

So much had happened that it felt he had been there a lot longer.

He faced his mirror image pinned to the wall; wiping sleep from his sea-green eyes.

For a whitey, he was looking a bit too pasty these days.

'I'm getting enough sleep, right?' he mumbled to himself and let out a hearty yawn for an answer. Flicking aside blond bangs that flopped over his frown.

His appearance checklist was interrupted by the sound of his sister's door creaking open. He smiled.

‘Himeko. MORNING!’ He shouted and chuckled at her startled, grouchy, expression.

‘Nii-san, yah bastard. Too early to be happy,’ Himeko growled and mumbled.

Her half-decent self disappeared into the bathroom.

She was a lot chirpier once she re-emerged, dressed, and ready to go. Duran smiled fondly at her greedy appetite for the breakfast he had prepared from them.

‘Nii-san, you made the egg rolls sweet today. Something good happen,’ Himeko beamed with delight, as she shoved another fistful of rolls into her mouth.

‘Not really. I guess I'm still feeling the festival buzz.’ He smiled.

Breakfast consumed. They headed out for their school.

They had arrived at their classroom block at the usual time. Returned their usual greetings to other students and carried their usual banter along familiar hallways to their homeroom classes.

Duran's chirpy mood sobered when he noticed a slight difference in the morning.

‘Hey, Himeko. Did you do something to piss some girls off?’ He frowned at the obvious looks and whispered gossip directed at them from others along the hallway.

‘Huh? What do you mean Nii-san?’ Himeko asked. Her dark eyes were wide with innocence.

‘Nothing. Maybe I'm just seeing things.’ Duran brushed off his concern.

They said their usual goodbyes when they entered their homeroom classes.

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